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Cipla was founded in 1935. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the World. In fact, a majority of patients on ARVs in Uganda are on Cipla products. Cipla is an acknowledged leader in multistage synthesis of complex molecules. Cipla has got over 40 state of the art manufacturing plants and they are all approved by the most discerning regulatory authorities i.e. WHO, USFDA, MCA, PIC, MCC and NDA.


Quality Chemicals Ltd was founded in 1997 as a direct result of government’s liberalization and privatization policies. It is one of Uganda’s leading distributors of Veterinary, Environmental and Human Health products. In addition to being the first private company to distribute ARVs in Uganda, Quality

Chemicals Ltd also spearheaded the private sector participation in the Roll Back Malaria Initiative in Uganda. From its inception, Quality Chemicals has become a significant contributor to the Ugandan economy through employment, taxes for national development and investment.


Capitalworks is an independent alternative asset management firm based in South Africa providing investment access and specialist solutions to its clients across a wide range of industries and investment themes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Capitalworks manages more than US$250 million for a diverse range of domestic and international investors and has recently purchased a stake in QCIL.

  • TLG Capital

TLG Capital is a niche financer of indigenous growth-capital in frontier markets, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa where they invest profitably and make a socially beneficial impact. TLG capital structures investments based on the needs of the companies in which it invests, helping management teams build long term value that benefits local economies.

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