Vision and Objectives

  • Mission

QCIL’s mission is to assist in the provision of sustainable, quality and affordable health solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa. QCIL’s operations are initially serving the population in Uganda and the company is currently in advanced stages of supplying medicines to other neighbouring states in East Africa.

  • Vision

QCIL’s vision is to become a centre of manufacturing excellence in production of quality and affordable medicines for Sub-Saharan Africa. QCIL is interested in inspiring other Africans to have an entrepreneurial spirit and produce goods and services that can serve both themselves as well as other countries.

  • Competitive Advantage

There are less than 5 WHO pre-qualified pharmaceutical facilities in Africa, with QCIL being the first WHO approved plant in East Africa to manufacture triple combination therapies. The flexibilities that exist within the WTO-TRIPS agreement will enable least developed countries such as Uganda to produce still-patented products affordably. This will thus enable QCIL to provide access to essential medicines in the region and provide a local solution to an African problem.

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