QCIL 2011 Newsletter - Jan 2012


Happy New Year!

We started the new year with a General Meeting for all staff and we set some priorities for the year 2012.

Generally, we discussed the need to improve on our ways of working and agreed that it was the responsibility of us all, as leaders in our different capacities, to ensure delivery on all fronts.

In summary some of the key priorities were:

· Inspirational leadership

· Focus on production, marketing, and all other areas throughout the business in order to improve and grow the business

· Embed performance management to all staff

· Focus on talent development and reward-through training and exposure

· Making QCIL the best place to be at all times

· Organization effectiveness-improve on all our processes, practices and work environments

· Improving QCIL branding and managing CSR

· Enforce disciplinary management

· Ensure safety at work and protection of company and personal property




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